Welcome to the captivating world of Jamie Cutler’s voice. With a dynamic range that spans from heartwarming narration to engaging character portrayals, Jamie brings your scripts to life with unparalleled passion and precision. Explore the voice that will make your project unforgettable. ?️

Currently enrolled at VoicetraxSF

Jamie is currently enrolled at the premiere voice acting school, VoicetraxSF, located in San Francisco. He actively enrolls in classes to further his career with the best voice acting coaches on the west coast.

VO Coaches: Samantha Paris, (VoicetraxSF), Peter Coyote (VoicetraxSF), Brian Sommer (VoicetraxSF), Chuck Kourouklis (VoicetraxSF), Vicki Baum (VoicetraxSF), Frank Coppola (VoicetraxSF), Roni Gallimore (VoicetraxSF), Aaron Miner (VoicetraxSF), Carli Silver (VoicetraxSF), Ned Lott (VoicetraxSF), Robin Steinfeld (VoicetraxSF), Devin Glischinski (VoicetraxSF), Sirenetta Leoni (VoicetraxSF), Anna Mathias (VoicetraxSF), Keri Tombazian, Michigan Actors Studio, Roy Yokelson, Marc Cashman & Joyce Castellanos.

Proud To Be A U.S. Veteran

Prior to starting his voiceover career, Jamie served in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany as a 31K combat signaler.

Meet Jamie Cutler, the Voice Wizard with a Cyber Shield!

Introducing the multifaceted talent of Jamie Cutler, a voice actor who brings stories to life with a golden vocal touch and a cybersecurity pro who shields the digital realm with expertise.

Voice Virtuoso: With a voice that can mesmerize, Jamie has lent his vocal talents to countless projects, from animated characters to gripping narration. His ability to embody different personas and emotions through sound is nothing short of magical.

Cybersecurity Guardian: Beyond the microphone, Jamie dons the digital armor as a cybersecurity professional. With an unyielding commitment to safeguarding digital landscapes, they thwart cyber threats, protect data, and ensure that the virtual world remains secure for all.

Balancing Act: Jamie strikes a remarkable balance between these two worlds, showcasing that creativity and cybersecurity expertise can harmoniously coexist. Whether lending his voice to captivating tales or fortifying digital fortresses, they exemplify the art of mastery in both realms.

Passionate Pursuits: When not captivating audiences or safeguarding the virtual realm, Jamie is an avid advocate for online safety and cybersecurity awareness. His passion for educating others about the importance of digital security is truly inspiring.

In Jamie, we find a unique blend of artistry and security, a voice actor and cybersecurity champion rolled into one extraordinary individual. His journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when passion and skill converge.

I'm ready to lend my voice to your project! ?️

  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Characters
  • Audio Tours
  • Audiobooks
  • Documentaries
  • e-Learning

Studio & Equipment

  • Gretch-Ken Soundbooth
  • RODE NTG5 | Neumann TLM-102
  • Solid State Logic 2 Interface
  • Eris E5 Studio Monitors
  • Adobe Audition CC
  • Source-Connect: jcutler818

What people are saying about

The I-85 Chronicles: Exit 41 "OTW BABY!” is written by R.A.Bratyanski. The narration is provided by Jamie Cutler. Total running time is 3 hours and 34 minutes. During that time the listener will hear what is the first installment in the author's new post-apocalyptic series. The story is familiar for the genre having an EMP event then following the parallel story tracks of the main character of the husband Beau as he struggles to get home the 30 miles and the wife who struggles to get home in the city they live in.

The story does hold the listener's attention. The author’s unique approach to the story having Beau not being a prepper having everything he needed before the event. Beau is also not in great physical shape. He has made morally questionable choices along the way to get home. Choices that could have long term effects on the city he is leaving behind. The author is doing a fun approach to this story with each edition a new exit off of I-85. By breaking the story up into short pieces to keep it fresh and ongoing as compared to one large story that dies on the vine with no resolution.

The narration by Jamie Cutler was very enjoyable. This is the first time that I have heard an audio performance from Mr. Cutler but he did an outstanding job on this production. His style an unvoiced reading style that is really suited to his rich deep voice. Those unfamiliar with the term unvoiced reading style, this is the same style employed by another narrator in this genre Kevin Pierce. The production quality of this audiobook is also the highest quality. I heard no problems during the entire performance. There were not any detectable flaws that I was able to hear during the entire performance such as loops, breaks, or buzzing. The production was crisp and clear. Robert Bratyanski delivered an excellent audiobook production. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Unique EMP Story Excellent Narration

Since joining Warrior Voices, Jamie Cutler has been one of our top producing voice over talents. In addition to excellent communication and availability, Jamie consistently makes deadlines with ease, produces the highest quality voice overs and surpasses clients’ expectations each and every time.


Narration was top notch, and so easy to listen to immersively.

Michael O.

Great narration couldn't ask for better.

Maly C.

This was a good Emp,end of the world book.The story is similar to others. I didn't think it was long enough to really care about the characters,although I would like to know how things end. Jamie Cutler was a good narrator. 
I was given this book by the narrator,author or publisher free for an honest review.

I-85 chronicles

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